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And, in the event that you haven't been asked behind the velvet rope yet yourself…well, there's always the possibility of creating your own one.One unnamed group is for journalists (a place to pass on commissioning tips, industry gossip and moan about freelance rates).Another is for Irish feminists, where topics about sexuality, body image and the gender pay gap are disseminated freely and fairly.With Instagram, Whats App and Snapchat becoming more and more popular each day, Facebook's place at the top of the social network pile appears to be under threat.

"There have been a few heated posts and a few fights, but in a group of hot-headed women that's probably to be expected." This of course flies in the face of Facebook proper; also know as the Happiest Place On The Internet.One woman admitted that she was about to meet a very famous married man for sex; another asked for tips on how to safely become a sex worker.I asked the founder of the group, a woman we'll refer to as Linda (not her real name) as to why she created her group, a 500-strong group of frank, sex positive women.One friend admits that she doesn't even bother with 'the rest' of Facebook anymore, preferring to log on simply to contact the other posters in her secret group.Some posts run quite banal; there's much talk on how to record interviews on an i Phone, or how to respond to a text from an interested gentleman caller.

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