Single frauen schöningen

The Chronologia Johannes de Beke records the marriage of "Theodericusterciuscomes Hollandie" and "Utilhildim filiamducis Saxonie".

The corresponding duke of Saxony would have been the Billung Duke Bernhard I (who died in 1011).

was ruled by Markgrafen from the Ballenstedt family until 1320 (see Chapter 3).

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The Nordmark is described as the March in the "Gau der Heveller", and must have existed in parallel with the Slav rulers of the Hevelli (see Chapter 2).However, if Duke Bernhard was Othelindis's father, the wife of Count Dirk III's son Count Floris would have been his first cousin on his mother's side, which seems unlikely to be correct."Theodericus Holtlandensis comes Florentii filius" recites the ownership history of properties claimed by the church of Utrecht in Holland, including donations by "Theodericus tertius, predicti Arnulfi filius, cum coniuge sua Othelhildis", by spurious charter dated , probably written in [1130]The Annales of Lambert von Hersfeld record in 1057 that Otto frater Wilhehelmi marchionis, sed matrimonio impari, matre...A), approximately thirty years after the first Markgraf of the "eastern March" or Ostmark was appointed.His relations with his Slav neighbours must have been relatively peaceful as two of his daughters are recorded as having married Slav princes.

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