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You don't have to be rich, and you don't have to be stupid to fall prey to these scams.Always be vigilant when you start communication with a stranger on a dating site, and consider the possibility of the other person not being who they say they are.Being a victim of scammer activity can be both emotionally and financially distressing.Having as much information as possible can help prevent you or even someone you know, from becoming a victim.This tool is monitored by our highly trained team who review every profile reported and remove suspicious profiles with immediate effect.

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Romance Scams can be the most harmful to our members, as it is a game played with people's emotions in order to try and procure financial gain.When a member begins chatting to someone on the site, there are 3 things that I would advise them to look out for: If a member can answer yes to all 3 of these questions, then they should stop all communication immediately and report them to our Moderation Team for further investigation.If a member comes across someone that they believe to be in-genuine or someone that gives them cause for concern, they can use the ‘Report This Profile’ link, which can be found at the top and bottom of every member's profile as well as the top and bottom of any conversation with the member.But when you're a little fish in such a big pond, how do you spot the fish from the scammer?There are a number of types of online dating scams, i.e romance scams, military scams and recovery scams.

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