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Holds the reader’s attention from first word to last, and begs for a sequel.” —) with this novel of Internet dating, murder, and high-tech mayhem. Ellie Hatcher is temporarily reassigned from the robbery division to assist maverick homicide Det. Mc Ilroy is trying to tie together the murders of two young single women and wants input from someone who can relate.

An email found on the body of the second victim is traced to an online dating service called First

Hatcher deliberately exposes herself as “date-bait” in a search that becomes increasingly desperate as the murderer steps up the pace.

Intelligent, emotionally literate and unusually — given the dark subject-matter — funny, with strong characters and tight plotting, Dead Connection is a riveting read.” — “Alafair Burke delivers a first-rate thriller, as a rookie detective investigates the dark side of internet dating while trying to survive the mean streets of New York.

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He’s also an avid publicity hound, and Hatcher’s background — her policeman father died in mysterious circumstances after pursuing a notorious serial killer — makes her perfect for his purposes.

The daughter of a slain police officer, Ellie remains haunted by his death and his department’s refusal to classify it as a homicide at the hands of a serial killer he was investigating.

Soon she’s picked to partner on a murder case with Det. Mc Ilroy is after the killer of Louisiana transplant Amy Davis.

Young New York City detective Ellie Hatcher, herself haunted by a serial killer from her past, fits the physical description of her perp’s growing list of victims.

The supporting characters, from Hatcher’s genial mooch of a brother to a retired hack investigator, are all deftly drawn. Burke taps into a cultural hot-button issue: the increasing popularity of online dating sites and the very real possibility that the person you are connecting with is lying about who he/she is.” —, in a Top 5 summer thriller pick “A great, topical, complex plot.

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