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Specs are defined by calling the global Jasmine function takes a string and a function.I took small comforts in knowing I wasn't tied down to any one race or religion, but I'd often have to explain that I'm not.Sometimes, when I'm on the subway, I can tell the older, suited-up gentleman in the corner thinks the girl sitting across from him is ratchet just because she chose a bright, loud purple lipstick over a soft, nude one.A spec with one or more false expectations is a failing spec.In less than four minutes, viewers can see lots of kissing, straddling, and beachside seduction, because the producers are dead set on proving nothing has changed this summer.

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And this is something we'll never do because it sounds incredibly presumptuous to ask, "Are you just with me because I'm fulfilling some 'exotic,' Princess Jasmine-esque fantasy of yours?

The string parameter is for naming the collection of specs, and will be concatenated with specs to make a spec's full name.

If you name them well, your specs read as full sentences in traditional BDD style.season 4, the preview tries to glaze over the production-pausing incident between Corinne Olympios and De Mario Jackson in favor of showcasing the reality show's traditional hookup rollercoaster.

They never really viewed me as someone they would eventually marry.

This part was definitely a realization that has hurt me to the core.

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