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Mostar is the best known and the unofficial capital.It is also the only city with over 100,000 citizens. Like to understand things, good in explaining them to others.) is the southern region of Bosnia and Herzegovina.I'm good communicative person, down to earth, I am very hardworking and responsible man. I like conservative, classic A peaceful phlegmatic who almost never loses his temper. I appreciate the valuable, fair, honest people, I despise in people lie, no responsibility and laziness. II am telecommunication engineer working in small private company, like travel, nature, beauties of the world. The Ottomans were the first to begin officially using the name Herzegovina (Hersek) for the region.

The upper flow of the Neretva River lies in the northern parts of Herzegovina, a heavily forested area with fast flowing rivers and high mountains. The Neretva rises on Lebršnik Mountain, close to the border to Montenegro, and as the river flows towards west, it enters Herzegovina.Bosnian Ban Stjepan II Kotromanić and King Tvrtko I Kotromanić joined these regions to the Bosnian state in the 14th century.Following the weakening of the Bosnian crown after the death of King Tvrtko I, magnate Sandalj Hranić and his nephew Stjepan Vukčić of the Bosnian Kosača family ruled the Hum region independently, only nominally recognizing Bosnian overlordship.Čapljina and Ljubuški are known for their history and their rivers; the village of Međugorje has religious importance for many Catholics.In the modern Bosnian-Herzegovinian state, Herzegovina is divided between two entities, Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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