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The aspect of Japanese pop culture as a form of soft power has also been given consideration by some scholars, but precious little has been written about this specific subculture as opposed to, say, Vocaloid or anime.

Why it has been defined a subculture within this essay is due to the nature in which one views a particular cultural phenomenon.

Finally, the essay will conclude with thoughts about the spread of this subculture to Western countries and address comparisons with the groups or predicted future of the subculture.

Rather, it cannot be stressed enough that most accounts are subjective in nature, with one arriving at their own conclusion after considering multiple narratives being ideal.

Although one could always adopt a critical viewpoint and argue that actions in a dance game qualify as ‘rhythmic movement’ which is similar to dancing in are sessions where dancers gather together to watch each other freestyle or express their interpretation of a song or track through dance.

Others on the far left are usually more choreographed with such that are usually admired for their ability to differentiate themselves even if they are dancing the same moves as others.

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