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The Hellmann exponent depends upon the coastal location and the shape of the terrain on the ground, and the stability of the air.Examples of values of the Hellmann exponent are given in the table below: In gliding, wind gradient affects the takeoff and landing phases of flight of a glider.See full summary » After the death of his wife, Sarah, young widower Malcolm is reluctantly trying to put his life back together with the help of his plucky sister-in-law, Dee. See full summary » Arnie Miller, a misanthropic 17 year old dealing with the recent death of his father, and sudden life threatening illness of his mother, is sent away to attend The Princeton School, a ...See full summary » KATE (Celeste Arias) is almost thirty, almost engaged, almost settled in her career as a writer-but is deeply dissatisfied.

Wind speed increases with increasing height above the ground, starting from zero For engineering purposes, the wind gradient is modeled as a simple shear exhibiting a vertical velocity profile varying according to a power law with a constant exponential coefficient based on surface type.

When the sun warms the Earth's surface, there is a negative temperature gradient in atmosphere.

The speed of sound decreases with decreasing temperature, so this also creates a negative sound speed gradient.

In sailing, wind gradient affects sailboats by presenting a different wind speed to the sail at different heights along the mast.

The direction also varies with height, but sailors refer to this as "wind shear." Sailmakers may introduce sail twist in the design of the sail, where the head of the sail is set at a different angle of attack from the foot of the sail in order to change the lift distribution with height.

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